Virus "Trojan.Zlob" in uninst.exe in Inkscape distribution
  • xorx Juli 2006

    my (Symantec Anti-) virus scanner just reported the "Trojan.Zlob" trojan horse in the "uninst.exe" in the latest windows distribution of Inscape 0.44. I downloaded it last week and installed it last thursday.

    This might(!) be a false positive. Can somebody confirm that?
  • fZapfZap Juli 2006
    There is a "Bugtracker-entry": on about that. It seems to be a false-positive from the antivirus data, which should be fixed soon. _uninst.exe_ ist part of "NSIS-Installer": package. You can avoid the av-message, if you use .zip instead of .exe installer.
  • xorx Juli 2006
    That are good news. Thanks!
  • fZapfZap Juli 2006
    now there is a "dispach":,_2006 on official news-section

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